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What we don't do

At Genertech Power Solutions we don't operate a supplier & client principle, we start a relationship based on trust, integrity and knowledge.


What we don't do is:


Use ridiculous terms like "Zero hour, turn key, mission critical, duty holder, specialist response"


We don't try to dress up the fundamentals of power generation with fancy words, to create the impression that we are specialists at the pinical of a new cutting edge technology, instead we use our wealth of experience and knowledge and our reliable and trustworthy partners to give the customer the solution they require.


We are a solutions provider that always provides the most appropriate and cost effective solution.


We endeavour to reach the solution in the most convenient, least expensive and least intrusive way, meaning most of our work is undertaken at the customers site. 


We will not swap-out the machine unless absolutely necessary. Swapping out a machine that could be repaired on-site means the customer incurs costs for the transport of equipment to and from site (twice). The rental charges of temporary equipment. The inconvenience of down-time more than once. The complications of interfacing the temporary equipment to the embedded equipment (alarms, monitoring, BMS, fire detection/suppression etc).

It can also create problems with insurances due to not being part of the original "insured assets".


We simply just fix the problem and leave site with the customer safe in the knowledge that the work has been undertaken by experienced, compitent and qualified personnel and all work is fully tested and  aderes to the current regulations.

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